Solar Light-up Letterbox


Unlike most off-the-shelf products, our letterboxes are made-to-order. This allows us to personalize your letterbox with your house number and provide a range of different options to choose from to match for home and/or personal tastes.

Our "Standard" model will provide you with a custom cut number that will light-up at night, and 8 colour combinations to choose from.

Our "Personalised" model gives you a range of extra options, including font selection, your own choice of colour/effects, optional text, optional side images and your choice of LED light colours (warm white, cool white and RGB).

We can also help you build your own "Custom" model to suit your own need or ideas. Supply a simple sketch with dimensions and notes and we can see if and how we can help.

Once ordered, we will send you a digital 3D rendered image of your letterbox for approval. We will then build your product from scratch, ready for pick up/delivery within 4-6 weeks.

Letterbox Unit

  • Steel Construction
  • Finished with Dulux® Metalshield Epoxy Enamel Paint for excellent durability and rust protection.
  • Top mounted Solar panel
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 83x34x35cm

Solar Panel and Light

Solar Panel:               3.7V 2200MAH
Battery:                       18650 Lithium battery
Working Current:    400MA
Features:                    Solar Auto sensor (light will automatically charge itself at day time (enough sunlight) and light up in dark environment)
Bulb Type:                  Cool White LED (Standard Model)
Protection grade:   IP68 (Dustproof and Waterproof)

Provided the top mounted solar panel has a full day of sunlight, the internally located LED lights provide up to 8hrs of light. On/Off switch for LED lights can be accessed through the mail door on the rear of the letterbox, or my removing the top panel of the letterbox. This can also be done to replace the rechargeable batteries.