About Us

Our Goal

With the ever changing landscape in technology, the growth of on-demand customisation, and the newly acquired desire for Australian made products, Base X Engineering aims to bring micromanufacturing to South West Sydney.

Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable, small scale manufacturing for businesses and individuals.


Unlike most manufacturing businesses, who target large contracts and/or high quantity work, we cater for one-off, custom jobs.​ Our range of services ensures that we can assist in developing and creating most items, whether it be a prototype of a new product for your small business, a custom piece for your home or garden, or a specialised part for a DIY project.

Big or small, contact us to see how we can help.

Our Story

Base X Engineering was established by owner and manager, Brad Grove, in early 2019. Brad has been in the manufacturing industry since 2007, completing a fitter and machinist apprenticeship at the renowned Broens Industries in South West Sydney in 2012. After developing skills in production, project and logistics management during his apprenticeship, Brad moved onto a much smaller custom wheelchair manufacturer, spending the majority of his time there on the tools and assisting in improving manufacturing processes.

In 2017, Brad left his former employer to spend some personal time away from full time work to study. Experience and research had shown many issues with the current known business models used by manufacturers within Australia. Brad saw a growing want by small businesses and individuals struggling to get small, one-off/batch items manufactured, with many businesses unable to affordably produce these products or, outright refusing. It was during this time that he decided to combine his operational knowledge of both large and small manufacturing businesses to develop Base X Engineering.

Base X Engineering will continue to develop and provide a range of services and products for it's customers at affordable prices. We thank everyone for their support t help us grow.

Australian Made and Owned

Recent world events have made aware the need for a self reliant and sovereign Australia. Although the globalisation of industries does have a place in creating competition in selling products on the world stage, we must ensure we prioritise Australian made goods and services. No economy has ever grown by purchasing goods and services, or by sending and investing money overseas. Buying local ensures we help Australian businesses to invest in developing new products and process, as well as employing more people.

Base X Engineering is committed to remaining an Australian Owned business, making Australian Made products and purchasing from local businesses where possible. Not only do we want to see the return of the manufacturing industry in Australia, but wish to be part of the story by helping to introduce new concepts and ideas through small scale manufacturing.